About Silas

    Co-Founder of Atlas Assistants, Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency.

    In my previous life, I led a 100% increase in agency headcount within 3 years leading to an acquisition in 2020.

    I’ve recruited in digital marketing for pharmaceuticals, IT, engineering, and clinical research.

    Always Learning

    “Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.”

    Dale Carnegie

    I crave knowledge. I’m fascinated by the way things work, the way things are, why, and how

    I’m a hobbyist photographer, drone pilot, and photo/video editor. I also love to longboard either down hills, around town, or in the Broadway Bomb, where hundreds if not thousands of skaters takeover NYC each year.

    I was born and raised in Northern NJ, graduated from Rutgers, and currently live in Central NJ. So Jersey, it hurts.

    I played rugby at Rutgers and I now play for the Union County Men’s Rugby club based out of Cranford. I’m one of two Vice Presidents of the men’s organization.

    I started listening to podcasts until I noticed a regular pattern of episodes featuring book authors. That’s when I jumped over to audiobooks, where I’ve listened to over 100 books since 2015. I use Kindle to dive deeper into my favorite books.  




    silask longboarding in the broadway bomb in front of an nyc taxi

    Helping Myself

    Weight-training and proper nutrition.

    Mindfulness and meditation.

    Online courses, books and audiobooks.

    I love it. All of it.

    I’m a sucker for self-help.

    I strive to improve.

    To do better, be better.


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    Random facts

    I majored in public relations and minored in education. 

    I almost became a teacher…

    I shoot with a Nikon DSLR Camera and a Mavic drone. 

    I slide on my longboard while traveling down hills.

     I’m the first Korean-American in my immediate family.

    I played football, lacrosse, and ran indoor track in high school.

    I have an amazing and beautiful fiancé named Javi.